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Intense (Box of 10 Capsules)

Intense (Box of 10 Capsules)


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Intense Espresso - Strength 11 (new & improved design, box of 10).

Complex blend of high-altitude Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, with a touch of Vietnamese Robusta to give a bold, flavourful espresso. Dark roasted bitterness comes through but the blend still achieves a sweetness which works well with or without milk.

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Espresso, Ristretto

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Why capsules?

There's one guaranteed way to spoil a great coffee: leave it open for a couple of days. Coffee goes stale very quickly. The main reason we love capsules is that they keep the coffee fresh until you are just about to drink it.

To ensure our coffee reaches you in peak condition, it is ground and sealed within minutes. The capsules are flushed with nitrogen at three stages before being sealed, and when tested shown to contain less than 1% of oxygen – which means your coffee really will stay fresh.