Why they are a good idea

There's one guaranteed way to spoil a great coffee: leave it open for a couple of days. Coffee goes stale very quickly. The main reason we love capsules is that they keep the coffee fresh until you are just about to drink it.

Think about how good a packet of coffee smells when you first open it, and you first cup is delicious. By the time you get to the end of the week the smell is not so fresh and the coffee is not quite what it was. With our capsules you get the first fresh taste everytime.

To ensure our coffee reaches you in peak condition, it is ground and sealed within minutes. The capsules are flushed with nitrogen at three stages before being sealed, and when tested shown to contain less than 1% of oxygen – which means your coffee really will stay fresh.

Our range of brightly coloured capsules have sealed foil lids so can be shown off on your stand just like the originals.

Most of our capsules are designed for a 40ml Espresso shot and we have one blend designed for a 110ml Lungo coffee.


Andrew Veitch
Founder & Chief Barista